New Feature for #ThinAir2022 / Nouvelle fonctionnalité pour #ThinAir2022

Lounges / Salons

We like to think that books talk to other books, just as readers talk to other readers. In each lounge, you’ll find books we’ve curated around some idea—we invite you to join in their conversation.

Nous aimons penser que les livres parlent à d’autres livres, tout comme les lecteurs parlent à d’autres lecteurs. Dans chaque salon, vous trouverez des livres que nous avons organisés autour d’une idée. Nous vous invitons à participer à leur conversation.

Livres en fête

Exclusively French books.

Kids Korner

Exclusively kids’ books.

The Centre Will Not Hold

Political, environmental collapse & dystopian futures.


Taking back culture, knowledge, stories, community, self…

Rhymes With Hope

Books to help us persevere.

Stories We Tell

To Keep Ourselves Alive.

Who Are
We Now

Finding a sense of self, LGBTQIA.

Love Languages

Relationships & how we interact.


Loss and stages of life.

Journeys Out, Journeys In

Themes of adventure/journeys—both literal and figurative.

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Technology, Pandemics, and Books That Nearly Predict The Future.