Classroom Visits


Now, for the first time since the pandemic, we’re thrilled to be arranging classroom visits, both virtual and in-person, for many of these writers!

Between February 13 and March 24, you can book a writer to share their work, talk about writing, and perhaps even give your students some writing exercises and tips. We’re particularly excited to be partnering with MYRCA this year: all of our English-language titles for middle years and YA readers are on the current MYRCA list, so young readers can watch original videos by these writers, and you can supplement their experience by hosting one or two of them in your school.

What else do you need to know before you book a writer?

Virtual / in-person visits: Offering both virtual and in-person classroom visits allows us to reach students across the province while minimizing our carbon footprint. To that end, in-person classroom visits are available ONLY for Winnipeg schools hosting a Winnipeg-based writer. All other classroom visits will be hosted via our Zoom platform.

Classroom visit length: We’re booking one-hour slots (but we can offer two consecutive half-hours for kindergarten or grade one classes).

Cost: We will invoice you $300 per visit after your visit is complete.

Group size: We recommend a cap of 50 students per classroom visit.

Total number of visits: In order to spread the love, we are limiting bookings to two visits per school.

Booking a writer is a streamlined process. In our registration form, you will inform us of the grade and size of your group, your preferred visit type, and your preferred times or dates. Our School Program Coordinator Evan will be in touch directly and fit you into our master schedule. (You’re also welcome to reach out to him directly at if you have questions before registering.)

Side note: we are planning to offer a writing workshop opportunity in March for students in high school. Stand by for more info on that front!


(grades 1 – 3)

At the core of every great picture book is a dynamic conversation between words and images. Our featured writers and their illustrators are sharing stories with characters who are wonderful, oddball, resourceful, tender–or all of those things at once!

These writers are available!

*Linda Trinh has availability for in-person classroom visits in Winnipeg.


READERS (Sundogs)
(grades 4 – 6)

Discovering you can unpack a book on your own (or nearly) is one of the memorable moments of childhood! Our featured writers are sharing books that invite young readers on adventures to other countries, other times, other realms…

These writers are available!

*MaryLou Driedger and Colleen Nelson have availability for in-person classroom visits in Winnipeg.


(Northern Lights)
(grades 7 – 9)

Young adults read to make sense of a challenging and confusing world, and a future which is harder than ever to anticipate. Our featured writers tackle the big stuff–sometimes with wit, sometimes with seriousness…

These writers are available!

– Philippa Dowding, Firefly
– Primrose Madayag Knazan, Lessons in Fusion
– Susin Nielsen, Tremendous Things
– Harriet Zaidman, Second Chances

*Primrose Madayag Knazan and Harriet Zaidman have availability for in-person classroom visits in Winnipeg.