In You Don’t have to Die in the EndEugenia Grimm is a tough girl living in a tough town at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. She drinks and fights and pushes against expectations. She is also hurting: after her father died by suicide, her older brothers drifted away and her mother up and left.

After a last-straw violent incident and faced with the possibility of incarceration, she is sentenced to time at an Intensive Support and Supervision Program located at a remote mountain ranch. There, she begins to make connections, explore difficult truths, and might even turn things around—until a series of events pull her into a dark spiral she may not have the strength to resist.

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  • Anita Daher

    Anita Daher is an author and actor in Winnipeg, MB. She has been in the book publishing industry since 1995, and has fifteen books published in print, audio and e-book format.