Words burn bright in this joyful celebration of rap, creativity, and self-expression.

“Welcome to the cypher!

Now huddle up nice and snug.

You feel that circle around you?

Well, that’s a hip hop hug!”

Starting with beatboxes and fingersnaps, an exuberant narrator introduces kids in his community to the powerful possibilities of rap, from turning “a simple phrase/into imagery that soars” to proclaiming, “this is a voice that represents me!” As Khodi Dill’s rhymes heat up, the diverse crew of kids–illustrated in Awuradwoa Afful’s bold, energetic style–gain self-confidence and a sense of freedom in this wonderful picture book debut that is perfect for reading aloud.

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  • Khodi Dill

    Author of the picture book Welcome to the Cypher, Khodi Dill is a Bahamian-Canadian writer of everything from rap songs to children's literature; he lives and writes in Saskatoon.