Children's author, father, husband, daydreamer, layabout.
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Shane Arbuthnott is the author of Guardians of Porthaven, as well as the Molly Stout series. His debut novel, Dominion, was nominated for multiple awards, including the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize. His short fiction has appeared in On Spec and Open Spaces. Shane grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and now lives in Regina with his family.

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I was pretty lucky, because my parents encouraged whatever reading I was interested in—comics, fantasy, mystery, anything was fair game. The one place I hid books was at school, sometimes reading a book tucked inside my desk when I was supposed to be doing geography. (Note: I don’t recommend this! I was so worried about getting caught that I never enjoyed the books, which is why I can’t read Patricia Wrede’s books without getting anxious to this day. And they’re good books!)

"The Walker is abroad," he said again. "And this night will be bad, and tomorrow will be beyond imagining."

These two sentences, from Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising, filled my young heart with such a thrill of dread and excitement, that I have never forgotten it.

Cluttered, definitely. But most of the clutter belongs to my kids, because I share my desk with my whole family.

How long do you have? Mostly it's climate change these days, and whether humanity's better angels will be able to overcome our more harmful tendencies. (This seems a little heavy for this context, but I believe in always writing what I feel is true.)

To invent a utopian society, and have it inspire actual change in the real world.

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