In the post-punk, global economy of the 1980’s, four young women from very different backgrounds are united by a common goal: justice. Curb Angels features fearless female characters on a mission that crosses borders and challenges the status quo. In the face of exploitation and violence against women, they carve their own path and leave a touch of well-deserved wreckage along the way. Powerhouse team Lisa Mendis and Christopher Ducharme join forces in this tour-de-force graphic novel debut to push boundaries and buttons as they explore culturally taboo subjects through sequential art.

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  • Christopher Ducharme

    Christopher Ducharme is a comic writer and artist living in Winnipeg, MB. Sharing space with the Mrs., his toddler, 2 cats and 2 rabbits makes project work very interesting.

  • Lisa Mendis

    Lisa Mendis is a Winnipeg based illustrator, print maker and graphic designer. She works in digital, traditional pen and ink, and screen printing.